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Sounds real, Even better

Speech synthesis


With Xinapse's speech synthesis technology, you can freely create speech content anytime, anywhere. Xinapse commercialized the world's first high-quality virtual voice of 32,000hz, and launched the first deep learning-based virtual voice navigation service (Tmap Mobility) and virtual voice Bible (Onnuri Church) in Korea.


Make it lively

Video synthesis


Even if there is no video to learn, if there is only one picture, Xinapse applies Motion Transfer technology to give motion to the picture and combines virtual voice with Lip sync technology to create virtual video content.


Let's have a talk

NLU engine


Xinapse's NLU engine equipped with an inference function designed in a general-specific way based on ambiguous Korean syntax and form. As such, Xinapse's chatbot can accurately identify intents and provide the right answers with relatively less data compared to common rule-based chatbots.



Create new

driving experience

with AI



Virtual Voice Navigation Service

Collaborated with T-Map Mobility



Create new

faith experience

with AI



Virtual Audio Bible




Create new

customer experience

with AI


Chatbot Service with NLU engine and features



기념 빨간 장미

Meet anyone

beyond the time

with AI



Virtual Voice + Media Contents



박물관에 가는 사람

Create new

exbition experience

with AI



AI Docent Service beta



추상 패널

Data has a better idea 

The leading solution for

entire computer vision lifecycle

Automate data labeling at scale

∙ Automated labeling of large amounts of data saves time required for labeling.

Algorithm tailored to user characteristics

∙ It is possible to compare and apply algorithms that are suitable for customer data characteristics by adding new high-use algorithms and custom algorithms.


Easy and convenient labeling

∙ Labeling can be done easily and conveniently even by first-time users with one point and click.

∙ Repeatedly provide feedback to the operator to increase labeling accuracy.


Dashboard for managing workflows and working environments

∙ The manager can check the project work status of workers and inspectors at a glance to manage data processing schedules and productivity.

∙ Workers can check their level of project participation by viewing the history and workflow of their work.

Trust takes years to build,
seconds to break,
forever to repair.

The Export-Import Bank of Korea
Korea Development Bank
Korea Institute for Industrial Economics and Trade
Roche Korea
Medtronic Korea
Richemont Korea
Seoul business Agency
Tmap Mobility
Shinhan DS
Seoul National University
Korea International Cooperation Agency
Kookmin University
Gwangju Tourism Organization
TV Chosun
Seoul Dongbu Hospital
Mirae Asset Daewoo
Money Today News
Handong University
Chosun Media
Sunil e-Biz High School
Senior Cyber Campus
Korea Vocational Institute
Onnuri Church
The Wise
Naeil Tour
Korea Enterprise Data
Sema Group
Korea Institute of Environment and Health
MBC Chungbuk
Secha Wang
Child Fund Korea
Shinhan DS
Invest Seoul

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