We strive to deliver
new value and experience
with Artificial Intelligence.

Xinapse provides new experiences and values of AI communication that speak, listen, read and understand so that humans can interact with each other through artificial intelligence through generative AI technology.

We are researching artificial intelligence that will contribute to more people communicating with AI, trying things that no one has ever done, dreaming of a tomorrow that no one has ever thought of, and communicating more freely across time, space and generations.


Sounds real, Even better

Speak with AI

It takes only 30 minutes of learning 48 sentences to create an AI virtual voice. We lead the AI voice market with the country's best technology for AI synthetic voice that synthesizes various speakers into one voice as well as AI virtual voice that replicates the speaker's characteristics. We are researching various voice technologies such as multilingual conversion, emotional expression, and singing so that AI voice can be used in more places.

| World's first 32,000hz high-quality AI virtual voice commercialization

| World's first Commercialization of AI synthesized voice based on multi-speaker data 

| World's first AI virtual voice Bible

| Korea's first AI virtual voice navigation 

| Korea's first AI virtual voice TV commercial


Let's have a talk

Understand with AI

It is equipped with a function that can infer the unique sentence structure of Korean in a general-specific way. Unlike rule-based chatbots that only provide specific answers, deep learning technology is applied to understand the context of the questioner and answer the question correctly.

| Dual pages that provide information intuitively within the chatbot

| AutoIntent that presents the necessary question first according to the context of the previous question


Make it lively

Look with AI

Live Portrait technology can transfer human motion to give movement with just one photo. It creates natural movement without having to shoot separately or without video data at all. Live Portrait combines with virtual voice technology to create an AI human.

| Motion Transfer to transfer motion to photos

| Lip Sync that transfers virtual audio to video

| Provide answers by comprehensively processing non-verbal information (R&D in progress)

You must have already experienced our AI voice at least once.

Many companies have realized AI voice technology with Xinapse.

The deceased professional baseball legend 

Choi Dong-won is revived 

with artificial intelligence.


Former presidents who have passed away 

deliver messages to future generations 

with virtual voices


Even if a celebrity cannot record, 

you can create a TV commercial 

that looks like it was actually recorded.


Delivering news in time 

on behalf of reporters 

by generating virtual voices in real time.


With only 40 minutes of recording, 

the entire 1.3 million characters of the Bible were completed with virtual voice.


Gathering the voices of 100 people 

to create an TV commercial

with a voice that does not exist in reality.


59,000 road guidance data nationwide were implemented with AI virtual voice.


A variety of listening content beyond the AI virtual voice bible



Application that provides various Christian-related contents such as AI virtual voice Bible, podcast, CCM, and audio book

Respected pastors, churches, and organizations from all denominations in Korea actively participate (to be released in the US in 2023)


노트북에서 작업

Text to AI voice,

Even emotional expression

Virtual Voice Studio


A web-based platform for creating various contents such as animations, audiobooks, and news with virtual voice


Provides customized AI virtual voice and AI synthetic voice as well as standard voice for emotion regulation, age group and gender

Coming soon



AI virtual voice ads platform based on navigation location

Virtual Voice Ads


Through the nation's No. 1 navigation t-map, 59,000 road guidance data across the country are produced with virtual voice


Various celebrities' AI virtual voices provide various advertisements such as nearby marts, restaurants, and hospitals depending on the location in the middle of the directions

Scheduled for release in November 2022


스마트폰 사용 학습

Serving customers with AI voice with corporate identity

Dual Talk


The chatbot processes the intent by combining the general-specific engine and deep learning technology designed based on the unique syntax and form of Korean.

Supports voice with the company's own voice by synthesizing multiple voices as if creating a font that expresses the identity of each company

Upgrading scheduled for November 2022


For me,

my dear family,

and my friends


AI Voice


An identity storage platform 

that records and stores individual voices


You can save the voices, photos, and videos of you and your children and parents and use them freely when you need them or use the service. We are thinking about ideas to provide new experiences today. (Scheduled to be released in the first half of 2023)

| Daughter's wedding congratulations from a deceased mother

| A congratulatory message sent to my parents' birthday party by storing my voice by age

| AI virtual voice mail made with the voices of parents saved during life for their children

| Audiobooks for grandchildren and grandchildren in the voices of their deceased parents

| A quiz application in which my 7-year-old child talks with my 7-year-old voice



A deceased mother visits

to celebrate her daughter's wedding with AI


To comfort the bereaved family's longing for their mother, who died a month before their daughter's wedding, we reproduced the mother's virtual voice and video with a recording of the mother's call for 1 minute and 50 seconds and 1 picture.


바이블리 로고.png

AI Bible package to present to loved ones with the voice of my family

Biblely Gift


AI virtual voice bible production with the voices of specific people including family members(Scheduled to be released in the second half of 2022)

| Package configuration such as Bible + smart speaker + USB


Build training data

quickly and easily

Image data Labeler


| Automating data labeling based on AI technology

| Easy and convenient auxiliary labeling function

| Custom Algorithm Design

| Project management utilizing dashboard

| SMART manpower management / settlement system

자산 5_4x.png

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