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Public Sector

Approved Provider for 'Innovate Tourism Voucher Program'

Korea Tourism Organization

Awarded@Fintech IP Competition

Korea Intellectual Property Office ∙ Seoul Metropolitan Government

SW Growth Company200

National IT Industry Promotion Agency

Approved Processing Company for 'A.I. Voucher Program'

National IT Industry Promotion Agency

Approved Processing Company for 'Data Voucher Program'

Korea Data Agency

Hi-Seoul Brand Company

Seoul Metropolitan Government

Seoul Hidden Champion(Work-Life Balance)

Seoul Metropolitan Government 

T.I.P.S.(Tech Incubator Program for Startup) Company

Ministry of SMEs and Startups


Ministry of Science and ICT

Private Sector 


Samsung Electronics ∙ Daegu Center for Creative Economy and Innovation

Top5 Promising Startup on Big Data x A.I.

Naver ∙Gangwon Center for Creative Economy and Innovation

Kakao Startup Nomad 

Kakao Investment ∙ Venture Square

IBK Changgong

Industrial Bank of Korea

Award of Excellence@Start Tel Aviv 2017 Korea Competition

Yozma Group 

Top10 APAC Machine learning solution provider 2018

CIO advisor

Promising Tech Startup

NICE Information Service Co., Ltd.

Winner of A.I. Sector@High Tech Awards

High Tech Information


Speech synthesis

Xinapse possesses the top-notch speech synthesis technology in Korea that can generate high-quality virtual voices by learning up to 65 sentences (4 minutes of data) in 30 minutes.


Korea's first virtual voice navigation service

T-Map Celeb

Experience the virtual voice made by Xinapse through T-Map, the No.1 navigation app in Korea.


Korea's first virtual voice audio bible



Onnuri Church Pastor Jaehoon Lee's Virtual Voice Bible


K-POP Artists' Virtual Voice Alarm



Virtual voice alarm service that wakes up the day with the voices of UNVS members

Dual Talk


Most intuitive

chatbot ever

More Precisely with Less Data

Inference-based NLU Engine

Xinapse's NLU engine equipped with an inference function designed in a general-specific way based on ambiguous Korean syntax and form. As such, Xinapse's chatbot can accurately identify intents and provide the right answers with relatively less data compared to common rule-based chatbots.

Natural conversation

Artificial Intelligence Suggest​

Xinapse's chatbot sets in advance a question that the user expects to be of interest according to the user's previous question, so the chatbot will ask first and lead the conversation naturally. 

More Information More Intuitively

Visual Page​

Visual Page of Dual Talk combines the advantages of the chatbot and the web and provides a new information area that provides information within the chatbot. This allows users to intuitively receive a lot of information in the chatbot. In addition, when it is linked with website, it can be displayed in an optimized form, and since it is linked in real time, the burden of data management can be reduced.

As an official supplier for the Data voucher program, AI voucher program, and Innovation voucher program for tourism, support program for Hi-Seoul Brand companies run by government, xinapse provides chatbot, data preprocessing, and speech synthesis-based services for SMEs.

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