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We innovate communication experience

with Artificial Intelligence technology.

Our Service


​No more tedious searching through the homepage!
Xinapse’s chatbot provides at-a-glance information in an instant with an intuitive UI that interacts with the web area rather than a chatbot locked in a small screen, and is smarter as it utilizes its own NLU engine based on inference.


New communication experience between artists and fans!
Listen to the news of K-POP artists by voice rather than texts with Xinapse’s voice synthesis technology
K-POP Artists’ Virtual Voice Content Platform

Unstructured Data Processing

No more manual work!
Fast and efficient Auto labeling and Topic modeling technology handled by algorithm rather than human intuition
Xinapse’s unstructured big data processing and analysis service


*Xinapse is a data processing company of the data voucher program managed by the Korea Data Agency

Our Journey

Dec.2019  CTO Jinbeom Kang received the commendation from the Minister of Science and ICT

Nov.2019  Signed a contract with CHITWN(K-POP entertainment company)

Oct.2019  Signed M.O.U. with Service Technology Partners Limited, HK

Aug.2019  Signed M.O.U. with RBW(K-POP entertainment company)

Aug.2019  Signed M.O.U. with J-mediator(Ubitech)(Robot company)

Jul.2019  Participated in RISE 2019, Hong Kong

Jun.2019  Designated Seoul Hidden Champion(Work-Life Balance) by Seoul Metropolitan Government

Jun.2019  Participated in ConnecTechAsia 2019, Singapore

Jun.2019  Participated in Tencent A.I. Accelerator Final, China

May.2019  Participated in Zero1ne Accelerator 2019 run by Hyundai Motors Group, South Korea

May.2019  Approved data processing company by Korea Data Agency

Apr. 2019  Won-soon Park, the mayor of Seoul, visited Xinapse

Apr.2019  Signed M.O.U. with MBI Solution(chatting consultation company)

Apr.2019  Signed M.O.U. with Unies(Oursourcing company)

Apr.2019  Designated SW Growth Company 200 by Korea Information & Telecommunication Industry Promotion Agency

Dec.2018  Made investment through Core Asset Management and Krypton 

Oct.2018  Established Xinapse HK

Sep.2018  Designated Hi Seoul Brand Company by Seoul Metropolitan Government

Jul.2018  Stephen Phillips, Director General of InvestHK, visited Xinapse

Sep.2018  Registered on KSM(KRX Startup Market)

Jun.2018  Signed M.O.U. with Korea Contact Center Association

Jun.2018  Selected as a participant to the TIPS by Ministry of SMEs and Startups

May.2018  Released AI-based election bot LoEl

Mar.2018  Changed corporate name to Xinapse 

Dec.2017  Designated K-Global 300 company by Ministry of Science and ICT

Jun.2017  Signed agreement with Ministry of Science and ICT for the Idea to Commercialization program

Jun. 2017  Signed agreement with Gwangju Center for Creative Economy and Innovation, for 6 months challenge program

May.2017  Signed M.O.U. with IOUSoft

Apr.2017  Released AI based election bot ROSE

Feb.2017  Established fount AI, Inc.

Award and


Top10 APAC Machine learning solution provider 2018

CIO advisor


Award of Excellence@Start Tel Aviv 2017 Korea Competition

Yozma Group

The 5th member of Kakao Startup Nomad

Kakao Investment ∙ Venture Square

Top 5 Promising Startup on Big data x AI

Gangwon Center for Creative Economy and Innovation ∙ Naver

Registered Company

Fintech Lab Seoul

The 1st member of IBK Changgong

Industrial Bank of Korea


Promising Startup

NICE Information Service Co., Ltd.

Award@Fintech IP Competition

Seoul Metropolitan Government ∙Korea Intellectual Property Office

SW Growth Company 200

National IT Industry Promotion Agency

Approved Data Processing Company

Korea Data Agency

Hi Seoul Brand Company

Seoul Metropolitan Government

Seoul Hidden champion (Work-Life Balance)

Seoul Metropolitan Government

T.I.P.S. Company

Ministry of SMEs and Startups


Ministry of Science and ICT

What's new?

Jinbeom Kang, CTO of Xinapse, received a ministerial commendation

Xinapse CTO Jinbeom Kang received a commendation from the Minister of Science and ICT for his contributions to fostering AI talent.

Global Leaders Forum 2019

Jinbeom Kang, CTO of Xinapse, attended the Global Leaders Forum to discuss the future of artificial intelligence with global scholars and companies.

Awarded at Fintech IP Competition

Xinapse received a commendation at the Fintech IP competition hosted by the Seoul Metropolitan Government during the 2019 Seoul Finance Week.

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