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We have successfully completed the project with various clients and have been recognized by various organizations.


Nov.2019  Signed a contract with CHITWN(K-POP entertainment company)

Oct.2019  Signed M.O.U. with Service Technology Partners Limited, HK

Aug.2019  Signed M.O.U. with RBW(K-POP entertainment company)

Aug.2019 Signed M.O.U. with J-mediator(Ubitech)(Robot company)

Jul.2019 Participated in RISE 2019, Hong Kong

Jun.2019  Designated Seoul Hidden Champion(Work-Life Balance) by Seoul Metropolitan Government

Jun.2019  Participated in ConnecTechAsia 2019, Singapore

Jun.2019  Participated in Tencent A.I. Accelerator Final, China

May.2019  Participated in Zero1ne Accelerator 2019 run by Hyundai Motors Group, South Korea

May.2019  Approved data processing company by Korea Data Agency

Apr. 2019  Won-soon Park, the mayor of Seoul, visited Xinapse

Apr.2019  Signed M.O.U. with MBI Solution(chatting consultation company)

Apr.2019  Signed M.O.U. with Unies(Oursourcing company)

Apr. 2019  Designated SW Growth Company 200 by Korea Information & Telecommunication Industry Promotion Agency

Dec. 2018  Made investment through Core Asset Management and Krypton

Oct. 2018  Established Xinapse HK

Sep. 2018  Designated Hi Seoul Brand Company by Seoul Metropolitan Government

Sep. 2018  Stephen Phillips, Director General of InvestHK, visited Xinapse

Sep. 2018  Registered on KSM(KRX Startup Market)

Jun. 2018  Signed M.O.U. with Korea Contact Center Association

Jun. 2018  Selected as a participant to the TIPS by Ministry of SMEs and Startups

May 2018  Released AI-based election bot ‘LoEl’

Mar. 2018  Changed corporate name to Xinapse 

Dec. 2017  Designated K-Global 300 company by Ministry of Science and ICT

Jun. 2017  Signed agreement with Ministry of Science and ICT for the ‘Idea to Commercialization’ program

Innovation for the ‘6 months Jun. 2017  Signed agreement with Gwangju Center for Creative Economy and chanllenge’ program

May 2017  Signed M.O.U. with IOUSoft

Apr. 2017  Released AI based election bot ‘ROSE’

Feb. 2017  Established fount AI, Inc. 

In the press

  • ChosunBiz(Nov.11.2019) Ministry of Science and ICT hosted 'K-Solution Fair' in Singapore

  • Paxnet News(Oct.16.2019) AI startup Xinapse starts penetrating overseas market

  • Newsis(Sep.25.2019) [Digital innovation is the power⑧] Fund managers kneeling on AI

  • Platum(Sep.05.2019) Big Bang Angels, hosts ReShape Roadshow Seoul 2019

  • Money Today News(Aug.06.2019) What if Mamamoo celebrates my birthday?, Xinapse concluded M.O.U. with RBW

  • Yonhap News(Jul.16.2019) HKTDC held a business seminar on Greater Bay Area in Seoul

  • Money Today(Jun.24.2019) Seoul Metropolitan Government selected 154 Seoul Hidden Champions for Work-Life Balance

  • e-today(Jun.24.2019) Dongwon Joo, CEO of Xinapse, says 'Regulatory reform is the answer to the growth of innovation'  

  • JobnJoy(Jun.14.2019) Challenge the Blue Ocean with your own strengths, Meet Xinapse's AI developers

  • Maeil Business News(May.14.2019) Korea Government started Data Voucher Program and selected Data processing companies 

  • Industry News(May.07.2019) Park Won-soon, mayor of Seoul, visited Xinapse

  • The Outsourcing Times(May.03.2019)  Unies concluded M.O.U. with A.I. startup Xinapse

  • Asia Today(Apr.29.2019) MBI Solution concluded M.O.U. with Xinapse to develop a chat consultation solution combined with A.I. chatbot

  • Mediapen(Apr.25.2019) [Vision Forum 2019] Dongwon Joo, CEO of Xinapse, "The startup policy should now focus on Startup growth"

  • Maeil Business News(Apr.22.2019) Park Won Soon, Seoul Mayor will visit SM Group, Kang Stem Biotech, Est Soft and Xinapse

  • Yonhap News(Apr.15.2019) Ministry of Science and ICT designated 60 companies as SW Growth Company 200

  • Money Today News(Mar.29.2019) [Focus!] Xinapse is penetrating international market with natural language processing technology

  • Korea Economic Daily(Feb.17.2019) 'Chatbot' on campus ... Seoul National University also introduced 'SNUbot' next month

  • Paxnet News(Jan.22.2019) Penetrating Global market, Challenge of Xinapse as a Korean startup 

  • YTN Science(Nov.29.2018) Imagine a bright future with AI for people

  • Electronic Times(Nov.04.2018.) [CEO Today] Dongwon Joo, the CEO of Xinapse "Securing excellent manpower is the key to startup growth"

  • Newsian(Oct.29.2018.) Mirae Asset Daewoo actively runs fintech partnership program with innovative startups. 

  • Sedaily(Oct.27.2018.) [ABF in Seoul] A challenge of Seoul Fintech Startups from financial security to parking lot innovation

  • Money Today News(Oct.22.2018.) [Open a Hydrogen Society①] Nexo is better than Mirai…There is much expectation in the industry

  • Sedaily(Oct.12.2018.) [ABF in Seoul] Dongwon Joo, the CEO of Xinapse “The industry needs AI developers who is constantly studying” 

  • The Bell(Sep.04.2018.) Xinapse, "We are dreaming of a leader of AI industry" 

  • Electronic Times(Aug.06.2018.) The special act on internet banking can be passed finally this year?

  • News Prime(Jul.26.2018.) Daejeon Contact Center Association open the conference on AI·chatbot technology and strategies 

  • Newsworker(Jul.14.2018.) ‘1st member of IBK Changgong Mapo' First step to enter the overseas market

  • e-today(Jul.02.2018.) Dongwon Joo the CEO of Xinapse “We will develop the AI chatbot which can understand Hangul best” 

  • Korea Economic TV(Jun.22.2018.) [Tech CEO] We are dreaming of the most promising AI company starting with chatbot

  • Electronic Times(Jun.12.2018.) Jinbeom Kang, the CTO of Xinapse "AI-based chatbot is getting closer to our life" 

  • Sedaily(Jun.11.2018.) Who do you think will be the mayor of Seoul?

  • News Prime(Jun.08.2018.) Korea Contact Center Association signs a MOU with Xinapse for AI-based contact center development 

  • Dtoday(Jun.01.2018.) [4th Industrial Revolution] Seoul Metropolitan Government · Gyeonggi Governor Candidate Preference, Artificial Intelligence Analysis?

  • Digital Chosun(Jun.01.2018.) Artificial intelligence analysis result Park, Won-Soon, Lee Jae-myung ... Decline after TV debate

  • Money S(Jun.01.2018.) [People Today] ‘the 4th business card’  

  • Digital Chosun(May.30.2018.) "Ask chatbot who will be the mayor of Seoul"…Xinapse released LoEl, the chatbot for the 7th South Korean local election 

  • CNEWS(May.30.2018.) Korea Development Bank and The Korea Export-Import Bank, Adopting pre-cognition of corporate failure using  

  • Electronic News(Apr.04.2018.) [Focus on the future] Xinapase, NLP from AI to Voice and Video

  • Finance Today(Dec.07.2017) Fount AI, Artificial intelligence startup specialized in Korean and N.L.P.  

  • Venture Square(Dec.01.2017) Nomad's choice, 'Korean AI start-up 8'

  • Venture Square(Nov.28.2017) I will tell the story of startups

  • K-Startup Valley(Oct.31.2017) Gangwon Center for Creative Economy and Innovation and Naver selected best 5 artificial intelligence startups

  • Electronic News(Apr.04.2017) Fount AI introduced AI chatbot 'ROSE' for the presidential election of Korea

In the event

  • Nov.2019 Global Leaders Forum, TV Chosun

  • Nov.2019 Singapore Fintech Festival, Singapore

  • Nov.2019 Global Acceleration Academy, The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation

  • Nov.2019 Business Seminar - Hong Kong, New Paradigm for Innovation and Technology, Invest HK

  • Oct.2019 Global Mobile Vision 2019, Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy∙Ministry of Science and ICTKOTRA(Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)

  • Oct.2019 Fintech IP Competition@Seoul Finance Week, Seoul Metropolitan Government

  • Sep.2019 ReShape Roadshow, Big Bang Angels·Across Asia Alliance

  • Jul.2019 NextRise 2019, Korea Development Bank·Korea International Trade Association

  • Jul.2019 Business Seminar on Greater Bay Area(Hong Kong and Shenzhen), The Hong Kong Trade and Development Council(HKTDC)

  • Jul.2019 RISE 2019, Hong Kong

  • Jun.2019 ConnecTech Asia 2019, Singapore

  • Jun.2019 Tencent A.I. Accelerator Final, Tencent

  • May.2019 Hanyang University Global Accelerator 2019, Hanyang University 

  • May.2019 Core Cooperate Day, Core Asset Management

  • May.2019 ZERO1NE Accelerator Program, SKT·Hyundai Motor Group(Kia Motors Corp.)

  • Apr.2019 Creative Vision Forum 2019, Fintech and the Future of Korean Financial Industry, Mediapen

  • Nov.2018 Taipei Startup Conference 2018, Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency(KOTRA), Taiwan External Trade Development Council(TAITRA)

  • Oct.2018 Hi-Seoul Business Concert, Seoul Business Agency

  • Oct.2018 GWG(Growth with GS) X KITA, GS·Korea International Trade Association(KITA)

  • Oct.2018 30th Symposium on Korean Alphabet and Korean Information Processing, Korea Information Science Society·Korea Cognitive Science Society

  • Oct.2018 IBK Changgong Demo Day 2018, Industrial Bank of Korea

  • Oct.2018 LG Startup Tech Fair with KITA, LG Group·Korea International Trade Association(KITA)

  • Oct.2018 Fintech Lab Seoul Demo Day in ABF(Asia Blockchain & Fintech) Expo, Seoul Metropolitan Government·Elstone

  • Jul.2018 A seminar on 'Smart innovative Hong Kong and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area', Invest HK

  • Sep.2018 LG CNS Startup Monster, LG CNS

  • Sep.2018 Innovation and Technology Sector Networking Reception, InvestHK

  • Sep.2018 Dong-A Investment Technics·Fintech Show, The Dong-A Ilbo·Channel A

  • Aug.2018 10th Conference on Daejeon Contact Center Technology and Operation, Daejeon Contact Center Association

  • Aug.2018 Discussion on Regulatory innovation for internet-only banks with President, Seoul Metropolitan Government

  • May 2018 Global Accelerator Conference & Demo Day 2018, Korea International Trade Association(KITA), The Korea Economic Daily, Seoul Center for creative Economy and Innovation

  • Mar.2018 VC Round Table, IBK Changgong

  • Mar.2018 Global Demo Day in China, IBK Changgong

  • Feb.2018 Start-up NEST in Hong Kong, Center for Global Entrepreneurship in Hanyang University

  • Feb.2018 'AI: Opportunity or Threat?’, Economic democracy Forum of National Assembly of the Republic of Korea·OpenNet Korea

  • Jan.2018 International Conference on Green and Human Information Technology 2018, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE)

  • Dec.2017 Startup Demo Day, Center for Global Entrepreneurship in Hanyang University

  • Dec.2017 Shinhan Future’s Lab, The Shinhan DS

  • Dec.2017 K-Global 300, Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning

  • Nov.2017 Startup Festival 2017, Ministry of SMEs and Startups

  • Nov.2017 Global Acceleration Program@Founders Space San Francisco, Kakao Investment·Venture Square

  • Oct.2017 DGIST-MWERC Program, Office of University-Industry Cooperation in Daegu Gyungbuk Institute of Science & Technology

  • Oct.2017 Big Data X AI Startup Contest 2017, Gangwon Center for Creative Economy and Innovation·Naver

  • Aug.2017 Start Tel Aviv 2017, Israeli Embassy·Yozma Group Korea

  • July 2017 Startup Nomad, Kakao Investment·Venture Square

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