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Numerous companies are developing and adopting chatbots to create efficient services. However, many difficulties that arise from inaccurate planning, maintenance difficulties, and underperforming chatbots. 


Xinapse’s chatbot adopts a hybrid engine based on inference-based system, description logic, and machine learning technology. Compared to the commonly used rule-based implementation technology, Xinapse provides a swiftly buildable and more intelligent chatbot solution by identifying the diverse customer requests and rich expressions with lower costs and less data. Our solution provides a dashboard and chatbot builder built on user-friendly UI which allows easy chatbot maintenance and updates for those who do not have expertise in A.I. Also, by analyzing customer demands, our solution realizes customer needs and can be used to develop new services

Topic Modeling

More accurate needs-analysis based chatbot planning

Hybrid Engine

Inference-based rules Description Logic Machine Learning

Intuitive UI

Easy chatbot operation and maintenance

News Curation

Spend your time to get insight not news

Although the acquisition and sharing of valuable information are becoming more important, the method of surveying and analyzing data has been been unable to evolve from the conventional methods. As content curation gained increased attention, more news curation apps have been released. However, most apps focused on individual interests and displayed duplicate news, failing to move away from showing news based on simple keyword and neat UI. 


In contrast, Xinapse's News Curation is a service for experts which refines work-related news based on individual interests. By implementing machine learning, the service provides the most appropriate news by instantly analyzing personal feedback

Machine Learning

Increase application suitability to tasks by reflecting user feedback to news curation


Providing news based on individual team and division interests.

Credible Source

Applying to actual task by acquiring news data with public confidence

Intelligent Contact Center Solution

Text-based seamless contact center solution to improve customer experience

Customers may be satisfied with the quality of the customer service; however, they are unhappy with processes such as wait time for customer representatives. With the universalization of text-based communication methods, customers are very willing to communicate through different channels, but still question the ability of chatbots. 

Xinapse's intelligent contact center solution maximizes customer service experience by providing a text-based system that uses high level natural language analysis to solve cases at any time of the year. 

By systematically managing the conversation between customers and the representatives, the contact center can infer the meanings in conversations to provide the most appropriate answers in a timely manner which leads to alleviation of tasks and substantial reduction in time and costs. 

Consultation advisor

∙ Identify real-time customer conversation topics

∙ Suggest answers for customer representatives

∙ Analysis of wrong answer type and consultation area

∙ Real-time coaching through monitoring

Service quality and productivity enhancement

∙ Automatic creation/registration of a consultation classification system   

∙ A classification system based real-time consultation type analysis

∙ Critical keyword detection

∙ Summary and registration of automated consultation


∙ Systematization of knowledge based on consultation contents

∙ Recognition of similar expressions

∙ Provide correct answer search

∙ Detecting contradictions through the inflow of new knowledge

∙ Track knowledge changes as service changes

Text analysis

∙ VOC analysis based on customer consultation contents and service relation

∙ Check the quality of service and generate periodic reports on customer interests

∙ Visualization Control Chart to distinguish abnormal change points by functions and generate reports

Intelligent Groupware Solution

Chatbot based Single Interface for acquiring corporate information

Xinapse's intelligent groupware converts from the web-based corporation data collection method to chatbot-based system which predicts the users’ intentions to provide users with the enterprise. It can solve problems of the old systems that use a passive and inefficient method that the user has to find the source of the information,


It is an active solution that converts the existing company information collection method to a chatbot-based system which provides users with predicted information. Compared to the inefficient and passive system which the user has to find the location of the data, the groupware is a new method that can be used as a single interface to collect enterprise data. A company can increase the accessibility of information, create new value from heightened data sharing levels, and improve the efficiency of business process by implementing intelligent groupware salutation.

Chatbot-based single interface

∙ Chatbot for acquiring information

∙ The latest chatbot engine 

∙ The user-centered chatbot management system 

∙ Data Analysis based chatbot planning

Open source based search engine

∙ Xinapse Search Engine (X-Retrievers) based upon Elastic Search

∙ Data processing and formatting for Knowledge database development 

∙ Improved ease of use of documents and knowledge

DL algorithm consulting

∙ Development and capitalization of optimal algorithms

∙ NLP processing-based chatbot algorithm

∙ Context-based user intent analysis

Pre-cognition of corporate failure

Unstructured data based fintech solution

Xinapse's pre-cognition of corporate failure is an unstructured data-based solution that derives new issues that can not be found in structured data such as financial statements. It is an efficient solution applied auto labeling technology for accurate and fast data analysis.

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